Thermal Printer Ribbon has an extensive range of high quality transfer ribbons that are suitable for all label and thermal / transfer printers.

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Thermal ribbon
farmaceutische-industrie labels voor thermische printers, printkoppen, blanco labels en printlinten

What kind of ribbons should you use forthermal transfer printers?

It is very important that it is right transfer ribbon (and the right one thermal print head and thermalprinter) used in combination with the correct labels, since there are many types paperand plastic labels are produced and each label material certain properties has where one special transfer ribbon has been developed. If you would not have the right ribbon-label ratio then you couldn’t have made a good print this time The result can be spotty or the printout is easily wiped. By selecting the right type of thermal transfer tape for your printer, you are assured of the best quality and durability.

For each application, different labels and transfer ribbons are needed. PrintLabel also performs testswhen necessary in order to arrive at a certain solution for your labeling application.

By choosing the right transfer ribbon, you get better print qualityand you increase the lifespan of the costly printhead. We have a very large stock of ribbons in various qualities.

Advantages of the right combination label and transfer ribbon


  • Little material loss due to a custom-made rolafmeasurement.
  • Minimal wear on the printhead.
  • Low maintenance due to automatic printheadcleaning.
  • Optimal Operation because we only use products of A-quality.
Type Properties Application
Wax The ribbon is coated with a wax-based ink, which requires a low transfer temperature.
  • Most common kind of thermal transfer ribbon
  • Recommended for coated and uncoate paper types
  • Often used forshippinglabels, retail and warehouse tags
Wax-Resin The ribbon has a transfer temperature between wax and resin ribbons. The ribbons give a sharp and clear picture on a wide range of materials.
  • Recommended for standard and weatherproof thermal transfer labels
  • Better resistance to humidity and temperature changes
  • Often used for shipmentlabels, barcode labels and pharmaceutical applications
Resin The ribbon is made with a full resin layer. The transfer temperature is very high, which solves the pressure in the label. This results in a great durability.
  • Recommended for synthetic paper types
  • Sustainable
  • Often used for textile labels, medical applications and flexible packaging.