100% Readable labels in the food industry

With 5 million printers installed, TSC Printronix is one of the top five manufacturers worldwide. They help small production companies, but also Fortune 500 organizations, with a complete choice of reliable label printers in the food chain.

Barcode verification

To guarantee the quality and legibility of labels and barcodes, TSC Printronix offers a fully integrated solution for barcode verification with their ODV technology. The system validates 1D and 2D barcodes, reports on quality, and prints a new label when needed.

A label printer for every application

The best label printer in the world does not exist. It depends on the criteria that matter the most to you. From there, you bring the selection back to a shortlist, and then compare them in more detail. What are the main requirements for you?


The PEX-1000 is the fastest printer in its class. Print & Apply labels at an impressive maximum speed of 457 mm/s (18 inches per second).


The T4000 RFID is the most compact and cost-effective printer in the portfolio, capable of printing approximately 5000 labels per day.


The T6000e is one of the most versatile printers, a true all-rounder for virtually all industrial applications up to approximately 10,000 labels per day.


If your printer is running 24/7, we recommend TSC’s most rugged industrial printer, the T8000. This label printer has already proven itself in the most demanding applications.

Print quality goes beyond selecting the right printer

Choosing the right labelprinter is only one part of a successful printing process. It is just as important to match the right quality label and ribbon. For example, are your products stored outside? Or do they go in the freezer?

As a Platinum Partner of TSC Printronix Auto ID, we offer the expertise, availability and service of their entire portfolio. Together with the consumables such as ink ribbons, labels and printheads, you’ll have a complete solution that is fully tuned. You are assured of the right combination of materials and volume pricing to make savings right from the start.

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