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Selecting the right label

for your business

Besides label printers, printheads and print ribbons, we also supply textile labels and self-adhesive blank labels on a roll. We try to make everything related to thermal printing as easy and cost-effective as possible – and this is no different for labels.

To make it easier to choose between the different label materials and adhesives, we have created the label selector. Even if you are not an expert in labels and printers, this self-help tool will guide you through the options. To make absolutely sure that your selection matches your situation and printers, someone in our support team will always check your application. If required, we can also help you with a sample for testing.  

Paper labels

First and foremost, you’ll need to select a type of material that meets your requirements. For example, a store receipt does not have to last as long as a label in the automotive industry. A label for the sale of plants and trees must be able to withstand rain and UV radiation. Still others have to withstand extremely low temperatures.

Second, quality is important. With a “Direct Thermal” printer, for example, no ink ribbon is used. The printer prints directly on the paper by means of heat. This has advantages, but also the disadvantage of a faster wear of the printhead. The right quality of paper reduces this effect. 

Finally, it is important to select a reliable supplier. You never want to run out of labels or have to change supplier or material in a hurry. At Printlabel, we test the various combinations of materials extensively to be able to advise our customers for their application and requirements. We then enable the customer to test it for themselves with samples of their choice. 

Care & content labels

  • Nylon taffeta: A strong and flexible care label that can be printed on two sides. Washing instructions and other information are printed easily, and above all sharply on the label, in 300 dpi.
  • Polyester satin taffeta: The most flexible and soft care label in our range designed for the more luxurious textiles. We have polyester for domestic and aggressive washes. Thanks to the so-called (hot)slit-edge, the tendency to fray associated with this type of care label is eliminated. This polyester-satin version can be printed on one side.
  • Extra strong taffeta: This heavier type of care label is especially suitable for work clothing and other textiles where industrial washing is required. Think of overalls, curtains and even horse blankets! This type of care label also offers a solution for dry cleaners. After frequent washing, this care label type retains its high quality print. Extra strong taffeta can be printed on one side by using the combination of resin ink ribbon. Available in black and nearly 28 colored thermal transfer ribbons. 

Consumers’ interests in sustainable articles are increasing and brands in the clothing industry are increasingly more demanding with regard to the purchasing of certified textile products. Avoiding harmful chemical substances is a critical part of providing the best products. That’s why we offer care label materials that meet Certification according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Care labels are available in white in 30, 40 and 50 millimeters width on a roll of 100 meters, (with a core of 76 mm). Other widths and / or colours are possible depending on the volume and on request. 

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