Maintenance & repair

Maintenance of your label printers

Sustaining excellent performance

Ensuring your print head is routinely cleaned is key to preventing malfunctions and ensuring high-quality print results. Manufacturers of label printers suggest this maintenance after the replacement of every second or third label roll.

Furthermore, it’s advantageous to have your printer undergo a detailed examination by a professional on a consistent basis. Doing so can decrease the likelihood of facing excessive repair bills and can also increase the longevity of your label printer. 

4U Cleaning Kit

Our 4U Cleaning Kit contains 5 wipes, 3 ISO swabs, 1 SAT swab and 1 cleaning pen.

Cleaning products for label printers

Premium cleaning essentials

Cleaning products for label printers come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from cleaning pens, cotton swabs and wipes.

Which one is best for you largely depends on your experience and preference. Often a combination of products works best. A saturated cotton swab for the print head and a cloth for the roller. 

Manufacturers recommend using cleaning products containing pure isopropyl alcohol. This is safe for a printer, it actively cleans and evaporates quickly after application. This means that you can print again immediately after cleaning.

Label printer repair

For optimal label printer performance

Should you encounter an issue with your label printer that cannot be fixed through remote assistance, Printlabel is here to assist with in-person repairs.

No matter where you bought your printer, we invite you to reach out to us to explore your options. If repair is necessary, we can offer a so-called “return to base” service.

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