About us

Everything for thermal printing

We deliver everything for your thermal printing needs. Our customers say they value our fast deliveries from stock and independent advice for all thermal printer brands, printheads, labels and ribbons. They also appreciate having a dedicated contact person to work with.

Many of our customers are producers and wholesalers in industries like food, plants, electronics, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. They are often family businesses that are proud of their products and services, but lacking expertise in label printing. We are the same, but with the expertise in thermal printing.

  • Largest stock of thermal printheads in Europe
  • Printers from all major brands; Zebra, Honeywell, Sato, Toshiba, TSC, Bixolon, Avery, etc.
  • A large range of thermal transfer ribbons in different qualities, ink types and colors
  • Self-adhesive labels in all sizes, coatings and adhesives

Personal, professional, economical

Do I want to print “direct thermal” or “thermal transfer”? Which combination of label and ink ribbon gives the desired result? Which printer is best for my application? What alternatives do I have, and what could I save on my printing costs overall? My printer broke down or produces poor quality prints, what can I do? These are some of the questions we can help you with.

In our printer selection tool, for example, we help you find and compare a number of alternative printers for your specific application. You will see the price of a printer with an extra printhead included. With this combination you will probably not find a better offer. See the benefits for yourself in the tool, or contact us for the price of other configurations and printers.